CES 2014: NeatCloud, Crumpled Receipts and Your Business

Written by Todd Townsend

At CES 2014, our Todd Townsend got the latest news from Neat. Its NeatConnect and NeatCloud products revved this week. Here’s what’s new. (Video)

aNewDomain.net — At CES 2014, our Todd Townsend spent some quality time with his contacts at Neat, one of dozens of tech companies exhibiting at the ShowStoppers press event. The news was NeatCloud and newly-added capabilities that let businesses easily import receipts and other docs into the cloud using OCR tech. Here’s Todd Townsend with more.

Neat execs showed up at ShowStoppers and CES 2014 to demonstrate not just OCR and parsing tech with its NeatCloud for small business. They also showed two-way integration between NeatCloud and QuickBooks, plus integration with NeatConnect, widely acknowledged as the first direct-to-cloud touchscreen scanner. Check out the demo. 

Video: Todd Townsend for aNewDomain/producer Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV

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