Meet Lamont Wood, Vet IT Journalist, Now Senior Editor at aNewDomain

Meet Lamont Wood. Maybe you know him from TWiT. Or maybe you know his work as 30-year tech journalist vet. Either way, he’s now at Welcome, Lamont. — Meet Lamont Wood. His is probably a familiar byline to you. He’s been covering tech for trade and mainstream publications for almost three decades now. Based in San Antonio, Lamont happens to be a household name in geek households in Hong Kong and greater China. His incisive tech reporting also has appeared hundreds of times in innumerable tech journals, including the original BYTE (est. 1975). We’re so psyched to have him aboard.

Lamont’s first computer, by the way, was an SWTPC 6800 kit that he built with a soldering iron way back in the late 1970s. He has since donated it to the Smithsonian, where it lives a happy, unperturbed life. Welcome, Lamont. Email Lamont at or follow him @LAMONTwood.