Dan Patterson on NYC Apple Store iPhone 5S Madness (video, pics)

Written by Dan Patterson

Our Dan Patterson captures the fracas at four Apple stores in New York City — love the video of the crowd grabbing up iPhones and selling them for cash.

aNewDomain.net — I went to four Apple Stores in New York City when the new iPhones went on sale. My mission was to check out the Apple iPhone 5c and 5s madness. There was plenty.

The Apple Store in the SoHo district was already completely sold out of all the black 64GB smartphones, excepting a few Verizon models. Similarly, the Apple Store in the Meatpacking District — it’s on E. 14th St. — was sold out of everything except just a few Verizon models also. The store on the Upper West Side still had the 32GB black iPhone models and those didn’t sell out until around 4 p.m. Eastern.

The lines were just as long for this latest Apple iPhone 5 rev as they have been for previous models. Employees at all stores I visited concured. As for the Gold model, the Apple geniuses at each location said to forget about trying to buy it inside. Get it online, they said.

There was nor shortage of Big Apple-style Apple iPhone craziness, though. Below is a video I captured of a bunch of people trying to get as many Apple iPhone 4s, 5c and 5s models as they could get their hands on. And they were turning around and selling them for cash.

I captured the below video on Twitter Vine, by the way. Scroll below the video to see some snaps I took of the scenes in Soho and on the Upper West Side.

Here’s what the Soho Apple Store line looked like.

Photo credit: Dan Patterson for aNewDomain.net

Here’s a look through the glass from the Upper West Side Apple Store.
Photo credit: Dan Patterson for aNewDomain.net

For aNewDomain.net, I’m Dan Patterson.

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