Meet Justin Webb: Executive Producer for aNewDomain, aNewDomainTV

Meet Justin Webb. Formerly of ABC News, he’s executive producer at and aNewDomainTV. Watch him work his magic. Here’s how to reach him … — Based in Baton Rouge, LA, Justin Webb leads production and post production for and aNewDomainTV. He’s our team’s executive producer.

Like Gina Smith, Justin is formerly of ABC News. And he has shot and edited the best news and most-intricate, fast-paced sports footage going. Now he’s storming the tech world, too.

If you watch our aNewDomainTV coverage from CES 2014, MWC 2014 or other live conferences, that’s Justin Webb’s post-production magic you see. justinwebbHEADSHOT

Welcome aboard, Justin. Follow +Justin Webb on Google + here. Email him at