MWC 2014: Doing Fine? Celpax Daily Pulse Monitors Workplace Morale

The Celpax Daily Pulse, showing at MWC 2014, is a device that lets employers monitor worker morale. Happy? Miserable? You hit a red or green button — it’s anonymous — and HR can react accordingly. Here’s how it works. — What is your workplace missing? Love? Good cheer? Maybe what it’s missing is morale. That’s what the folks from Celpax at the Mobile World Conference 2014 say. Celpax is out to measure and, ideally, boost morale with the Celpax Daily Pulse device.

Celpax, exhibiting at MWC 2014 in Barcelona, says Daily Pulse will let you, your boss and HR find out how everyone is feeling. And a nicer vibe could result, they say. The idea, say self-dubbed “Celpaxers,” is to get a daily pulse on employee morale by asking employees what their moods are like, and letting employees — including execs and HR — share that data and act on it.

celpaxMWC2014screenshotThe Celpax device, in testing for more than a year in dozens of companies, is simply a box you mount at the door. Employees press a red or green button once daily to indicate a negative or positive mood. After they hit the button, they see what the collective mood among coworkers has been over the previous 24 hours.

An online dashboard gives HR and other interested parties feedback on the overall mood temperature at the office.

The first thing that came to our minds was, wouldn’t some segment of employees just lie in the interest of keeping jobs?

“As far as we know nobody  lied about the mood … it is completely anonymous and voluntary, and there is typically no incentive to lie,” Celpax exec Bart Huisken tells aNewDomain.

And what do the bosses get?

According to Celpax, the bosses get continuous ratings via a single number — for example, 80 percent hit green this month. That percentage number provides a simple picture of morale. If that number suddenly drops or spikes, HR gets insight on employee reactions to major initiatives.

Reps expound:

People … felt they lacked … insights into their workforce, their people. That traditional feedback system had them acting on problems too late. Most companies would say employees (are) their greatest assets, but few (found) these assets easy to measure. How can leaders easily put a finger on what’s working or not working within the organisation? The best employees look for the best workplaces. Companies measure sales (and) value chains daily. How come they don’t measure what happens with their employees on a daily basis?”

Now they’re able to. Check out the Celpax video below to find out more on how this gadget works. And watch aNewDomain’s coverage on Celpax and other firms exhibiting at MWC 2014 next week.

Video: Celpax