Meet Chuck Ward: Senior Contributor,

Meet Chuck Ward. Based in CT, he’s our senior contributor and a seasoned IT pro currently serving as CIO at a New England private equity investment firm. He’ll be covering a range of consumer electronic topics, from home TV and smart TV equipment to the latest in gadgets and gear. Email him at

Based in Connecticut, Chuck Ward is a longtime IT pro and tech industry analyst. Currently, he is CIO at a private investment firm and a senior contributor here at

And that’s not all. He helped establish a Maker Space in Hartford, CT, and he is the founder of Stealth Mode Projects, which incubates new ideas and mentors engineering students on their Capstone projects.

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Previously Chuck Ward founded and served as CTO at the consulting firm Ubiquity Computing, which focuses on applications and services for digital set top cable boxes, broadband networks and connected consumer electronics of all varieties.

For, he’s focusing on smart TV, the Internet of Things (IoT), home automation, home theater, digital healthcare, healthcare technology, 3D printing, the maker movement, classroom tech and, speaking of classrooms, disruptive tech in general. Email him at Chuck@aNewDomain or, follow him on Twitter @cdward


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