Matching Movies to Turkey Size: Thanksgiving Day Netflix Playlist (infographic)

Here’s the Thanksgiving Day Netflix playlist infographic. Netflix came up with a cool infographic — recommending what to watch on Netflix while you cook, based on how big the turkey you’re cooking is. Avengers? I’m all in. — Leave it to Netflix to come up with this Thanksgiving Day Netflix playlist infographic. It’s great for what to watch on Netflix on Thanksgiving Day while you’re cooking your turkey. And it works on a cross-movie-streaming platform, too : )

The best thing about the infographic below is that it selects movies matching the weight of the turkey you’re cooking.

And it divides the movies into guy movies, family flicks and deep-fried picks : )

So, for instance, if you’re a guy with an eight-pound bird, Flight with Denzel or Buried Alive are the money, Netflix says.

And it recommends Red Dawn, Happy Gilmore or Pulp Fiction for a 16-20 pound bird.

For families, the giant 20-22 pound birds get matched up with 13 Going on 30, Disney’s High School Musical, or Arnold Schwarzeneggar in Jingle all the Way.

In the Deep Fried Picks category for those of you who will have that bird done in no time — frying is so much faster than broiling — that huge bird will be done in fewer than two hours. While you watch …

The Avengers, Breaking Bad or House of Cards.

Enjoy the Thankgiving Day Netflix playlist infographic courtesy: Netflix

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us here at!

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