Apple Password Reset, Google Fiber Expands, FBI Art Heist Crowdsource: TWiT

It’s This Week in Tech — TWiT with Leo Laporte. This week on the show, Denise Howell, Jason Snell and our own John C. Dvorak join up to discuss FBI crowdsourcing efforts to get back stolen art, Jeff Bezos out to get rockets, Google security holes, Google Fiber expansion and more … — It’s This Week in Tech — TWiT with Leo Laporte. On this week’s episode, Leo’s joined by our John C. Dvorak, Jason Snell and Denise Howell.

This week, the TWiT discussion centers around an Apple security hole that allows password reset, the expansion of Google Fiber, the FBI crowdsourcing project of a 23-year-old art heist and Jeff Bezos as an Apollo rocket hunter …

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TWiT Running time:2:05:38

People: Leo Laporte

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