Luxury Review NYC Photos, Videos: Like You Were There

Our team hit RAND’s The Luxury Review NYC. Here’s our photos and videos showing new McLaren, Aston Martin and Ducati models … and countless more lux items. And check out this 20 carat diamond, at left. High-end toys for wealthy girls and boys — galore!

aNewDomain — Our technologist Todd Townsend and our aNewDomainTV vet network TV news team hit the RAND Luxury Review NYC show hard. Here are our Luxury Review NYC photos and videos. Check them out. It’s like you were there.

First, find our edgy overview video of The Luxury Review NYC.

Scroll below that for deep dive videos our team produced on various exhibitors at this high-end event — and of course, check out our signature all-show slideshow and other photos. New models of McLaren, Ducati and Aston Martin all debuted at the Rand Luxury Review NYC, which took Manhattan by storm on May 14, 2014.

First, watch this. It’s amazing.

aNDTV On Location at RAND’s The Luxury Review NYC 2014: via¬†Justin Webb’s J Productions with aNewDomainTV on Video.

Below, find a quick photo gallery displaying what was what and who was who at the show.

Montage: Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV, photographers Marc Klempf, Justin Webb, Todd Townsend, Gina Smith