ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup for Android: Freeware Weekend

Written by Kevin Marcus

The weekend app pick today comes from ESPN — it’s ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup for Android. Follow the 2014 FIFA World Cup in style. Here’s why — and how.

aNewDomain — When I was in high school, only wimpy guys whose mommies wouldn’t let them play (American) football played soccer. I was dumb for making fun of this most-awesome sport, though. Soccer kills. And if you’re like the tens of millions of sports fans worldwide who can’t get enough of the 2014 FIFA World Cup championship, check out my weekend app pick today. It’s the latest powerhouse sports app from ESPN — it’s called ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup for Android.

The free app is jam-packed with powerful features, extreme personalization and loads of video, news, data, stats, and deep soccer geek data you can really chew on.

Now available on GooglePlay, ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup for Android, includes pretty much everything you’d expect a sports outlet the size of ESPN to offer in a premier 2014 FIFA World Cup app. And it does it well. In the United States only — sorry, EU. You even get in-game highlights. Everyone gets breaking news, World Cup analysis, opinion, play-by-plays, all the videos you can stand, you name it. And ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup covers all the major club leagues at the 2014 FIFA World Cup championship, too.


Image credit: Google Play

The app offers full customization on practically everything. Track only the leagues you care about — or track all of them. You can track selected teams, matches or even entire conferences.

Data hounds will love that they can quickly bring up a schedule of all matches in the World Cup 2014 championship — and personalize that to show just the matches you care about, too. That’s a must-have if you’re into the 2014 FIFA World Cup this year.

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup for Android digs deep into the sports geek details. ESPN did a nice job here. Specific match details go way beyond just who’s on the lineup. Is there a sub coach for the match you’re watching? All coaching details, even the names and profiles of substitute coaches, are right there.

If you want to yell at the ref, do it! The app even presents the names of refs, allowing you to do goofy things like scream at them, by name, in their native tongue. Like: Wie DOFF bist du, Heinrich? Or QUE es tu problema, Eduardo? Diga algo mas inteligente — ahorita!

And Come ON Pierre, q’est que c’est? Nous arrivons, nous voila! Aba! Aba!

I confess that’s a little sick. But I digress.

Back to the app, I can’t leave you without mentioning the cool rewind feature. ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup for Android isn’t just partying like it’s 2014, where we are. It lets you check out a history of previous results of championships going back through time. And rumor has it that soon ESPN will release a new rev of ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup for Android that looks into the future, too. Want info about World Cup 2018 Russia and World Cup 2022 Qatar? Just a swipe away. Ha.

I’m a fan of various ESPN sports apps for all the obvious reasons. They’re almost often speedy, not too buggy and filled with every bit of content you could possibly want if you’re into 2014 FIFA World Cup action on the go. And for free. It sure beats paying for cable. Download ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup for Android here and give it a go. It’s no loss if you decide to punt, after all. Did I mention it’s free?

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup for Android is my app pick for Sunday, May 25, 2014. Happy Freeware Sunday!

For, I’m Kevin Marcus.

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