The Luxury Review: Christopher Designs, 20 Carat Sparkler

Written by Todd Townsend

It’s the largest cut diamond Christopher Designs has ever offered. That’s 20 carats.
Todd Townsend has the story. Live from The Luxury Review in Manhattan … aNewDomainTV. — Here at The Luxury Review in Manhattan, the Hacker Boat Company unveiled its 26-foot Hacker-Craft Racer. It was presented right on the street on West 18th Avenue in Chelsea. Also supermodel Giselle Bundschen ripped off the wrapping of the latest Aston Martin V12 Vantage S. And we checked out Christopher Designs’ largest cut diamond. It’s a 20 carat beauty.

Video: Todd Townsend for aNewDomain/executive producers Justin Webb and Marc Klempf for aNewDomainTV

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