John C. Dvorak: On Color, Value and the Evolution of Logos [infographic]

Written by John C. Dvorak

John C. Dvorak tends not to like infographics — but he found the evolution of logos infographic here to be interesting, informative and cool. Do you agree? — I found the below infographic on color, value and the evolution of logos to be informative. And I tend not to like these things.

The 10 most valuable brands in the world are, according to the evolution of logos infographic, Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, IBM, Google, McDonald’s, GE, Intel, Samsung and Nike. Some of them are so recognizable — like the logos for Apple, Nike and McDonald’s — that they don’t even need the company name or word mark beside them. A subset of the top logos are instantly recognizable to most small children aged 3 to 5 years old, researchers have shown, word mark or no.

The evolution of logos infographic also sparks an interesting historical comparison of how some logos have and haven’t changed over the decades. Also intriguing is how some companies spent little or nothing on their now-valuable logos. Did you know Google founder Sergei Brin created the Google logo using GIMP — or that an in-house Microsoft designer did the 2012 Microsoft logo for free? And Twitter bought its logo for $15 from iStockPhoto. All three companies saved big bucks in so doing. Check out the evolution of logos infographic below for more on these factoids plus the psychology of branding and how logos you instantly recognize have evolved over time.

Review of the Best Company Logos: Nike & IBM are Among The Most Powerful Ones
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