CES 2015: Kolibree Connected Electric Toothbrush

kolibree electric toothbrush ces 2015 featured
Written by Becket Morgan

Today at CES, Kolibree announced a first of its kind connected electric toothbrush with real-time interactive feedback through its 3D motion sensors.

aNewDomain — Today at CES, Kolibree announced a first of its kind connected electric toothbrush. Boasting real-time interactive feedback through its 3D motion sensors and built-in measurement and calibration tools, the Kolibree Connected Electric Toothbrush helps you track whether you’ve effectively brushed every zone of your mouth. It also provides feedback about areas you’ve missed.

kolibree connected electric toothbrush

The Kolibree toothbrush is lightweight and boasts small brush heads, which makes it easier to brush in the harder to reach places of the mouth. Also, because the vibration is based on Sonic technology, it is softer than many other toothbrushes currently on the market.

iPhone-6 face_statConnect Those Teeth!

Your brushing data is stored in an individual profile and Kolibree’s apps lets you store multiple profiles on one smartphone. This way, you can keep up with your children’s brushing habits and help motivate them to brush more thoroughly. You also have the option to share your brushing data with your dentist and receive individualized coaching on how to improve your brushing techniques.

“Imagine having a GPS device in your mouth that tells you where the toothbrush has been effective and where it hasn’t,” said CEO and Co-Founder Thomas Serval. “Unlike anything else that exists today, Kolibree gives you real time feedback so you can brush better next time. And, because the vibration is softer than most other solutions, it doesn’t harm your gums, making it an ideal choice for kids and seniors alike.”

iPhone-6 face-pirateThe Kolibree Connected Electric Toothbrush comes with Pirates, an app to help motivate your kids to brush for two minutes. The game rewards the user with coins when they brush correctly and after several brushings parents and dentists can view an interactive map showing how well the children are brushing.

You also receive Kolibree Coach, a brushing app that tracks the movement and location of brushing and alerts you of your accuracy in real time. The app is the first of its kind to both analyze the movement using the 3D motion sensors and detect the exact location of the brush in your mouth.

Dentegra and Kolibree

Kolibree also announced today a collaboration with Dentegra Insurance Company, which focuses on providing affordable dental care to individuals and groups in 38 states. This new collaboration will provide users who sign up for the Dentegra Smile Club the opportunity to earn rewards and incentives for brushing properly, including collecting points that are redeemable for cleanings and checkups from a Dentegra network dentist. This discount plan is not an insurance plan, but Dentegra reports the discount savings can be as much as 50% off the normal cost of cleanings and many other common dental care services.

We see a compelling opportunity by teaming up with Kolibree to offer something of real value to consumers for whom dental insurance remains inaccessible,” Dentregra senior VP of sales and marketing, Belinda Martinez, said. “From a user standpoint the unique bridge between technology and improved access to dental care provides an innovative way to motivate people to keep their teeth clean while defraying the cost of dental care.”

The Kolibree connected electric toothbrush is available for preorder and will start shipping in the US this month, and in Europe later this quarter. The brush is priced at $199 with discounts available for those who also sign up for the Dentegra Smile Club. The Dentegra Smile Club is slated for launch in San Francisco and Austin in the next few months.

Image Credits: Kolibree