How To Use Link Building to Improve Your Company’s Reputation

link building
Written by T.E. Wing

You don’t have a real SEO strategy unless it includes link building. Here’s what it is, why you need to do it and how to get started …

aNewDomain — Link building is an important SEO strategy, and it has never been more crucial to build a solid network of links that will naturally increase your site reputation and give you a bump in the organic rankings. Link building is about strengthening your position on the internet and making you an authority in your field.

What is link building?

At its core, link building is simply generating links from your website to other sites with good authority that will link back to you. Sites with good domain authority lend some of their reputation to your site, giving you a bump in legitimacy.

When search engines examine your site, there are many factors that go into the algorithm that assigns your site a ranking. One of the key factors is the number of links from your site to other sites, and the quality of those links.

Effective link building strategies

Quality vs quantity

One of the biggest mistakes in link building is to make it all about quantity instead of quality. It is better to have two links to sites with good authority and reputation than to have ten links to other sites.

Make links organic

It is also crucially important that your links be organic. This means they should appear naturally and fit with the theme and focus of your site where they appear. Links that appear to be inorganic or unnaturally forced will seem like spam to a search engine like Google.

Be careful of the anchor text

The anchor text where you put your links can also be keywords you want to rank for, but they also need to be natural. Linking to the same site more than once with the same keyword, or having too many anchor text keywords will quickly tank your domain authority.

Make sure all content is good quality

Poor quality content gets marked as spam by search engines. That means any links that content contains will end up counting against you instead of for you. The same is true of placing links on anchor text that doesn’t actually fit the link.

Get professional help

Building links correctly will accelerate the growth of your brand and the popularity of your site. The wrong kind of links can do far more harm than good. Link Laboratory is a great place to start to get professional help to build your link strategy and focus your SEO efforts.

How does link building help your site?

It promotes your brand

When you start generating quality links, you draw attention to your site and increase the chance that someone will stumble across your site by clicking on a link elsewhere. With a good link building strategy, your chances of getting noticed increase significantly.

You get more referral traffic

Referral traffic is a term that refers to visits to your website, visit that come as a result of links from another site. In essence, these sites have recommended your website to their readers. Referred traffic not only nets you more total traffic, but it also makes you look good to search engines.

You position yourself as an authority

By regularly posting useful content with good links and getting links back from other sites, you begin to establish your site as an authority in your area of business. Soon you find readers and, hopefully, customers, coming to your site to get answers to their questions.

You increase your domain authority

Good backlinks to quality sites and their links back to you assure search engines that your site is providing quality content to users. This gives you good domain authority and means that your website will rank well in search results for the right keyword.

Your credibility goes up

By actively working to build your links, you become more relevant to the very audience you want to reach. Your site, your logo, and your badges start popping up all over the internet, assuring readers that your brand is credible and trustworthy.

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