How To Leave the Best Voicemail

Written by T.E. Wing

Don’t leave rambling, non-sensical voicemail messages. Here’s how to do voicemail the right way.

Tongue-tied at the sound of the tone? There’s no reason for it. The art of leaving the perfect voicemail message isn’t a complicated one. And it sure isn’t new. It is essential nonetheless.

Here’s how to leave the perfect voicemail message.

Keep it brief

You only have a limited amount of time for your message, so make sure you don’t get cut off. You really just want to leave enough information so that the other person knows who you are and why you want to talk to them. At any rate, no one wants to listen to someone rambling over voicemail. Have mercy on your listener and get right to the point.

Go straight to voicemail

Sometimes you really just want to leave a voicemail — and you don’t want to talk to any random person who answers first. In this case, use ringless voicemail to drop a message right into an inbox without alerting anyone. This gives you the opportunity to plan your words for maximum impact. It also ensures that you have the chance to say everything you need to without being cut off by a human.

Write a script

You don’t necessarily want your message to sound rehearsed, but you do want to be prepared. You’ll begin by introducing yourself and giving the name of your company. Remember that, even if you’ve already met this person before, he or she may know four other individuals from your company with a similar name. Introductions are critical.

Effective salespeople know how good voicemail scripts can make the difference between getting your calls returned or getting them blocked. You just need to strike the right tone. Obviously, you don’t want to dive into your sales spiel right there on their recording, but you don’t want to be sneaky about why you’re calling, either. Most people will sense this type of dishonesty straightaway. Be authentic.

Speak slowly

Remember to speak slowly enough that your recipient can decipher what you’re saying. If they have to rewind and listen to your message more than once, they may delete it and forget it. Also, repeat your name and call back number at the very end of the message so that they don’t have to go all the way back to the beginning to get it.


It’s a proven fact that if you smile while you talk, people know it, even when they can’t see your face. This may not seem important, but people respond to these expressions. They may even impact people on a subliminal level. Even the type of smile you use is important.

For example, a Duchenne smile is proven to be the truest and most intense smile. That’s an open smile that spreads across your whole face. People tend to respond more to this smile than any other, even if they can’t see it while you’re speaking.


It may feel silly to practice your script or voicemail etiquette but run through it a few times with a trusted colleague. Ask them to critique your message on clarity, pacing, and pitch. In other words, make sure they can hear you well, that you’re not speaking too fast, and that your voice doesn’t sound unnaturally low or high.

Though it may not seem as such, the voicemails you leave for clients can have an effect on the success of your business. Keep these tips in mind to ensure your voicemails are heard by your target consumers and lead to a callback or even a sale. 

For aNewDomain, I’m T. E. Wing.

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