Hospital Camera Systems: Why Your Healthcare Enterprise Needs This Tech Now

camera security in hospitals
Written by T.E. Wing

If you haven’t yet invested in state-of-the-art security camera technology at your hospital campus, what are you waiting for? By T.E. WING

Protecting the well-being of your patients and staff is among the most critical services a hospital provides. That’s why investing in quality security camera technology could well be one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

There are several reasons why it makes more sense than ever to install state-of-the-art camera tech throughout your hospital and the surrounding campus. Here are some of the best.

They deter criminals from the start

Loiterers and criminals are less likely to target hospitals if they notice a quality camera system installed, whether it’s a wireless camera system or an Ethernet-supported option. This is why so many companies prefer to install cameras in prominent walkways and entrance points. These paths are the most high-traffic areas and the most likely locations traversed by criminals and thieves.

An obvious security camera will ensure that criminals avoid your hospital from the start. If thieves know their images might get captured and reviewed by the police, they’ll flee before they are seen.

They can be easily concealed

Even though you’ll want to station a few security cameras in easy-to-spot areas, modern technology has enabled cameras to fit in concealed locations as well.

This is essential when it comes to identifying suspicious actors.

Criminals are adept at hiding their faces from cameras stationed in typical locations. They might even hide their heads at the front entrance or duck when they enter a parking garage.

By installing a mix of cameras in advantageous places, you might get a glimpse of the culprits when they let their guard down. Try installing durable cameras in your smoke alarms or at eye-level locations throughout your hospital. Plug-and-play systems are easy and convenient to install, so if one location doesn’t work, no worries. You can always have your IT personnel just move units to new locations as you see fit.

They keep staff accountable

According to the Operating Room Cameras Market report, the security camera industry is growing rapidly. The sector is set to be a top player in 2019. It’s easy to see why. From operating room cameras to endoscopy imagers, security cams and more, such technology is emerging as a vital way to ensure patient safety and aid doctors throughout the surgical process.

After all, just a single slip up might result in a longer hospital stay or other complications. It’s no wonder hospital cameras have become more popular than ever.

Camera systems are secure

Hybrid-cloud surveillance systems allow hospitals and to save their recordings both on the camera unit and in the cloud. This allows security teams and authorized hospital staff to access footage remotely, anytime and anywhere necessary.

Best of all, these systems are completely secure. If you’ve been paying attention, you know that the last year has seen a marked increase in surveillance camera hacks. That puts countless people at risk. Hybrid-cloud technology ensures that hospital surveillance records remain secure, even in the event of a power outage or other security breach.

When it comes to hospital security, companies need to consider many things. Chief technology officers should implement a surveillance system that combines ease of use with optimal performance.

Hybrid-cloud options have become an industry favorite for good reason. Providing a convenient plug-and-play option and remote viewing capabilities, such systems allow hospital security teams to stay on top of their surveillance efforts to ensure patient, staff, and data protection.

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