Five Great Reasons to Order a Background Check

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Written by T.E. Wing

There are a ton of good reasons to order a background check. Here are five of the best ones.

It’s easy to see why background checks have gotten so popular. They’re a great way for businesses and organizations to discover who they’re dealing with ahead of time.

Knowing who you’re talking to is a common-sense security measure that can get management some serious peace of mind.

But there are lots of other reasons we can think of for ordering a background check. Here are five of the best.

Screening rental applicants

A landlord’s success depends upon choosing the right tenants for your property. Landlords typically charge for screening reports, which might include a credit check, previous eviction reports and, of course, a background check.

Including an application fee additionally helps filter out tenants who aren’t serious about renting.

It also is important to verify references, employment and previous residences in such checks. You want to screen each potential tenant, after all, so that you can find a reliable renter who will pay rent on time, take care of the property and serve as a good neighbor to other tenants, too.

Verifying employment history

Employers often require background checks to ensure that information listed on resumes is correct. Since it’s not uncommon to exaggerate employment history, a background check is a reliable method of verifying that educational and employment claims made during the hiring process are accurate.

In addition, employers are responsible for protecting the welfare of their employees and customers. Background checks highlight previous incidents that can reveal when applicants pose a danger to others or have a history of acting negligently.

Hiring a caregiver

Like employers who choose to run background checks on potential hirees, background checks are also necessary for anyone hiring a caregiver to work in their home with their loved ones.

While caregivers are often hired based on interviews and references, a thorough background check can give you more peace of mind. A background check will also help ensure that you’re hiring someone trustworthy (with no red flags in their background) to take care of your loved ones.

Buying a business

Over time, businesses accumulate credit history and a legal background. For those interested in buying a business, running a background check can provide a detailed report of the company’s credit and legal history. Ultimately, a background check can reveal whether a business is worth buying.

Additionally, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) makes information about businesses public to consumers, giving a grade of A to F to each company. The BBB takes a number of important factors into consideration, including “business ethics, truth in advertising, fraud prevention, consumer education, business education, and dispute between consumers and businesses.”

Dating someone new

It can be difficult to know exactly who you’re dealing with when you begin dating someone new — especially if you’ve been exclusively talking to them online. If you don’t know who you’re falling for, you can risk a lot more than just your emotions. Investigating your date’s personal history can reveal potential red flags that can save you time, effort, and emotional exhaustion.

Websites like Go Look Up allow users to search for people, phone numbers, and email addresses to find out exactly who you’re talking to. Their reverse phone lookup feature identifies unknown callers and can help you find out more about who is behind an unidentified number.

Background checks are necessary measures that can identify red flags and help individuals make sound decisions. If you’re unsure about hiring a new employee or dating someone online, performing a thorough background check can help protect you, your employees, or your loved ones from a number of risks.

For aNewDomain, I’m T.E. Wing.

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