How to Stay Organized at Work

how to stay organized at work
Written by T.E. Wing

Getting organized is difficult for many of us, but if you’re not organized at work, you’re in real trouble. Never fear, though. These tips will help you out …

aNewDomain — Staying organized is difficult for most of us, and that’s especially true at work.

You have to be on time to meetings and ready for anything that is thrown at you. And have all the little things in line to back up anything you do.

In many ways, being organized at work can really make or break your career. Here are some ways to make sure you are in the former category.

Have a collection of organizing tools—and use them

It is one thing to buy all the calendars and notepads that are designed to promote a more organized work schedule, but it is another thing to hold yourself accountable and actually use them. With that being said, a good rule is to buy one organization tool at a time. Take a few weeks to practice using it and implementing it into your routine. Start small with something like some 2 pocket folders to carry to meetings. Folders are great to have for each different project or part of work. They create a home for any handouts or material to reference. Next time you can’t remember that one client’s particular request, you can look to your project folder where you will have an outline!

Another tool to use is calendars. Electronic calendars are great, but written calendars are a tool that will never die. They are great for having a personal life calendar and a work calendar to jot down meetings and deadlines. Take advantage of the variety of calendars out there that cater to how you visualize best.

Organize your email

Your email is more important that just communication. Make folders in your email account for certain important meetings, conversations or clients. Then, when you have to look for something someone sent you 8 months ago, you know just where to look. Keeping your email organized can save you tons of time at work.

Also, there are features where you can star certain emails in most email platforms. This is a great way to know which emails have importance. You can star emails you know you will need later or emails that have information you could lose track of elsewhere. An email account is a great tool to backup your other organizational skills. In conclusion, this level of organization is a great way to streamline your searching process when looking for a small detail you never thought you’d be able to track down!

Keep an on-going spreadsheet

A Google Excel document is a great way to hyperlink anything you might need—ever. This is great for linking to handy websites or useful anything. This organization tool even lets you link within your own Google documents so that everything has a place. You can’t go wrong with this because it keeps you in line and gives you a spot for everything when you are working.

Having a document like this is good to have when looking at previous work you’ve done as well. Keeping a tally of things you have accomplished will make it that much easier when you need to show your work or apply for a new job.

Organization is key to making sure you are being the best employee and potential future employee. Your organizational skills will show throughout your career. It will make things easier for you, your time and everyone else involved!

Organization is not overrated and is something you will thank yourself for once you take these life-changing small leaps.