ESA Comet Lander Philae Touches Down: Live Footage, News

Written by Gina Smith

aNewDomain —  Philae has landed! November 12, 2014 marks the historic landing, by the European Space Agency, of a robotic lander on a comet. Find live streams, plus news and photos of this historic mission as it happens November 12 2014. The Philae lander just made this first-ever landing on a comet moments ago.

“We definitely confirmed the lander is on the surface. We couldn’t be happier than what we are right now!” an official shouted happily on Philae’s landing, just moments ago at this writing. “We are on the comet!” Cheering ensued. This is unquestionably ESA’s biggest success to date, one that is sure to increase this multinational European space agency’s fortunes.

“This is a big step for human exploration — (ESA) is the first to have done this, and that will stay forever!” effused the chief of the ESA two minutes after the landing. The prime minister of Hesse, Germany, where ESA is headquartered, compared its importance to that of the US 1969 moon landing.

Launched in 2004, ESA’e Philae lander made its first-ever touchdown on a comet at 11:10 a.m. ET on November 12, 2014. Now Philae will help scientists learn about water and other data regarding the comet. What are the ramifications?  Watch for our analysis and first images gallery …

Livestream below

credit: ESA TV,


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