Google I/O 2013: Google IO Live Feed, News, Big Data Sensors Gone Wild

Google will be placing data sensors all over Google I/O 2013, which kicks off in San Francisco May 15. Here’s the Google IO live feed, plus news on Google Glass development issues and what the deal is with the sandbox this year. Also find the agenda and learn how to embed your own live feed or how to live blog the event. Up to the minute coverage at anewdomain and aGNUdomain …

Google I/O 2013 kicks off May 15 2013 and runs through May 17 in San Francisco. Find the Google IO live feed below.

Also scroll below for links to the agenda, news as it happens and for pointers to our various coverage during this annual developer’s conference, long a favorite for our readers. Here’s the live feed, which will begin 9 a.m. PT on May 15. Scroll below that to see how Google has made its embeddable gadget available for the live feed and live blogging — and what is up with the data sensors it’s planning everywhere, anyway?

Watch for live coverage of various events here at and at our spin-off site, aGNUdomain.comwith Ant Pruitt, Eric Finkenbiner, Mat Lee, Mike Rothman and more. Here’s Attack of the Androids, hosted by our Mat Lee, and that panel’s take on what’s happening re Android 5.0 — or not.

To find out how to post your own live feed of the conference, click here for the info you’ll need.

Find the agenda for Google I/O 2013 show here.

At the show, Google is expected to hit developers hard with offers to begin developing apps for its Google Glass augmented reality glasses. Our John C. Dvorak isn’t bullish — he thinks it’s all an elaborate practical joke, capped by tech pundit Robert Scoble’s memorable Google Glass in the shower demo. John caught the online keynote presentation for Google I/O. His take on that here.

But Google certainly looks serious, as a quick glance at the agenda shows. Aside from the inevitable Android app developer news and expected hardware announcements, some of the geekier and more interesting events at the show come courtesy the Google Sandbox folks and Google’s Data Sensing Lab. This from Michael Manoochehri, Developer Programs Engineer of the Google Cloud platform team. He posted a blog explaining why Google will be planting environmental sensors all over the venue. They’ll collect, analyze and bring the data together more than 4,000 data streams. Wild. The Google Cloud blogger writes:

We wanted to help attendees gain more insight about the conference space and the environment itself. Which developer Sandboxes were the busiest? Which were the loudest locations, and which were the best places to take a quick nap? We think about data problems all the time, and this looked like an interesting big data challenge that we could try to solve. So this year, we decided to try to answer our questions with a project that’s a bit different, kind of futuristic, and maybe a little crazy … (Because) we love open source hardware hacking as much as we love to share open source code,  we decided to team up with the O’Reilly Data Sensing Lab to deploy hundreds of Arduino-based environmental sensors at Google I/O 2013. Using software built with the Google Cloud Platform, we’ll be collecting and visualizing ambient data about the conference, such as temperature, humidity, air quality, in real time … Altogether, the sensors network will provide over 4,000 continuous data streams over a ZigBee mesh network managed by Device Cloud by Etherios.”

Check out our recent coverage on the Google Glass project and developer platform — and find its manual here.


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