Freeware Friday: Cocktail Flow for Android

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Written by Gina Smith

Just in time for the weekend, Cocktail Flow for Android will teach you how to mix drinks like a master.

aNewDomain — Really, though, can you make me a stiff drink? It’s been a long day. How about a Rusty Nail? Fuzzy Navel? I’m really in the mood for a Black Russian.

cocktail flow for android home screenYou’re probably wondering what any of those are — unless you’re a bartender. Which is exactly what Cocktail Flow for Android, free on Google Play, hopes to make you. A bartender.

Quality Over Quantity

There are a lot of cocktail apps on Google Play. We picked this one not because it’s loaded with endless drinks, or because the app is absolutely perfect, but because the drinks are made right. We asked bartenders, and they all weighed in — Team Distinction’s Cocktail Flow is the way to go.

The Cocktail Flow catalog has three separate pages for each drink — one is a photo with ingredients, another contains the full recipe and the third lists cocktails that are similar. You can also explore the catalog by clicking on the “Categories” tab and decide on your drink via color, style or liquor type.

cocktail flow for android shoppingThere’s also a nice random selector, which is always fun. And, better than random, there’s a Shopping section, which lets you enter what stray ingredients you have in the house. After you list them all, the app will turn up cocktails that can be made from what’s lying around, and different things you could buy at a store to make the drinks better. Now that’s convenient.


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