Bill Cosby Accuser: “I Had a Lovely Evening”

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Written by Frank Visa

Bill Cosby victim and/or date says she had a lovely time, and she’s wondering why he never called.

aNewDomain SkewedNews — Not every actress who Bill Cosby allegedly drugged and raped was unhappy with the experience. Sonja Jones (the name has been changed, obviously) said she had a lovely evening with the comedian and was sorry when he didn’t drug her and rape her again.

Bill Cosby 1965“It was an open secret in Hollywood that Cosby would drug women and have his way with them,” said Jones. “For a lot of us, it was a real privilege if you were chosen. Some women would date Cosby and he wouldn’t drug them and it was just a boring old date.”

So, in this new light, it becomes clear that Cosby maintained three tiers of relationship:

  1. Drug induced date ending with humiliation.
  2. Non-drugged date with a different kind of humiliation for not being drug-worthy.
  3. His wife.

Jones continues:

“I read about a lot of women who just woke up in a daze in a cab, but that wasn’t my case. I’ve always been resistant to narcotics. My whole family has. But I felt woozy enough to know that the coffee he gave me was spiked and I just played along for the evening.

I tell you he did all the work, something you don’t get from men these days. At one point he stopped to make a sandwich, which gave us both a breather.”

How does Jones feel about Cosby’s other accusers?

“I know that the 40 or so women who have come out is a very small percentage of the women he allegedly drugged. That just says there’s a silent majority of us whose only complaint is that we weren’t asked out again.”

Cosby claims his name has been “defamed” by all of the accusations, yet he remains famous, which only speaks to the star power of his name.

For SkewedNews, I’m Frank Visa.

First image: Young Bill Cosby via Wikimedia Commons

Featured image: Bill Cosby Mural by Ted Eytan via Flickr