Fifty Shades of Grey Parody Videos: Fifty Shades of Funny

fifty shades of pink fifty shades of grey parody video
Written by Terry Gardner

aNewDomain —  Even if you are among the five of six people who didn’t go see the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie this weekend, I bet you saw the trailer.

The movie isn’t quite as erotic or, ahem, gripping as expected, but the trailer is really decent. Predictably, there are some excellent Fifty Shades of Grey parody video trailers. Each takes on the real trailer that led up to the biggest BDSM weekend ever. Inspired, I thought I’d feature my cat in a Fifty Shades of Greta parody video trailer, but the ASPCA sent me a cease & desist letter before I could even aim my Apple iPhone at her. 

So, with the blessing of the ASPCA, my cat and, soon, disillusioned movie watchers everywhere, here are my nominees for the best Fifty Shades of Grey parody video trailers. Enjoy — but not too much.

The Winning Parody Video? Fifty Shades of Frozen

My personal favorite parody video trailer is Fifty Shades of Frozen. It brilliantly blends footage from Frozen with dialogue from the Fifty Shades of Grey official trailer. Now that Disney does some adult fare, it’s possible this trailer was even sanctioned from Disney’s Dark Side.  You know, the side overseen by James Spader. Check it out.

Fifty Shades of Frozen parody video trailer: Tranceart Violeta YouTube Channel

Fifty Shades of Pink: And Barbie’s the Dominant

And here’s the visually exciting Fifty Shades of Pink parody video trailer. It stars the perennially plastic pair of Barbie and Ken. Only here Barbie is the dominant one. And her ever dickless (sorry) boyfriend Ken plays Christian, now the submissive. Barbie’s actually a bit less stiff than the actress who plays the Anastasia character in the movie. See this review.

Fifty Shades of Pink parody video trailer: ShakyCow YouTube channel

Looks Aren’t Everything: Fifty Shades of Buscemi

And then there’s this: a most excellent “Fifty Shades of Buscemi” parody video trailer. It features Steve Buscemi in the Christian Grey role and comes courtesy of clips from Boardwalk Empire and various other films. Buscemi is definitely more uneasy on the eyes than Jamie Norman. But now that we know looks don’t make a movie or a movie trailer, Fifty Shades of Buscemi is worth a long, hard look. Pun intended.

Video credit: Boo Ya Pictures YouTube Channel

Ellen in Fifty Shades of Grey: Ellen DeGeneres

Here’s talk show host Ellen DeGeneres as Anastasia Steele. Now you can forget those rumors about Dakota Johnson as the lead.

Ellen in Fifty Shades of Grey parody video trailer: EllenTube YouTube channel

Fifty Shades of Bricks: The Kinkiest Legos Evah

The Fifty Shades of Bricks parody video trailer provides an inside look at a group of ultra kinky Legos. It’s quite possible that this trailer is dirtier than the actual movie. Viewer discretion advised. But if you dare, take a look.

Fifty Shades of Brick parody video trailer: Toscano Bricks

For aNewDomain, I’m Terry Gardner.


    • I would love to see a version where Barbie dominates GI Joe. All my Barbies dated GI Joe b/c Ken always seemed a bit effeminate to me (even when I was 6)