Dr Oz App Pick, Todd Moore’s White Noise Lite and CES 2013 Deep Dive: Tech 411

It’s Tech 411 with Todd Moore and Oscar Santana. Typically, this fast-pace short-form pro show would be packed with app picks and CES analysis. But this time, there’s news that a Dr. Oz app pick was Todd’s White Noise Lite — and he called it a “miracle.” Folks, it’s white noise.. But the genius behind it is reason enough to justify it. Find out more here and never miss Tech 411with Moore and Santana — this week the short form show does a deep tech dive into CES 2013.

aNewDomain.net –– Nothing better than to see one of our anewdomain.net team members win big. That’s why we’re so psyched our own Todd Moore got a little help from friends of Oprah recently. Oprah’s spin-off star Dr. Oz made our Todd’s White Noise app a Dr Oz App Pick and called it, we kid you not, “a miracle.” White Noise as compared to a miracle is stunning enough — it is, as Todd reminds us, recorded white noise resampled in an app. But it is genius.

Proves that simple ideas are often the most successful. So we’ll get to this week’s Tech 411 podcast with Todd and Oscar Santana is below. Scroll down to find out more about Todd, what the Dr Oz app pick said and more about the show, which focused on CES 2013 this week. Short and sweet and deep.

Source: Tech 411 with Todd Moore and Oscar Santana, syndicated by anewdomain.net.

It’s Tech 411 with our Todd Moore and Oscar Santana.

If you’ve got a sec, check out Dr. Oz’ high praise on Todd’s Apple iOS and Android app White Noise here and listen to the miracle of White Noise, as the good doctor put it. Static — miraculous static : ) And nab White Noise Lite for free in theApple iOS App Store or through the Google Play store here.

Find more on Todd Moore at ToddMoore.com and follow his ever ever clever co-host Santana at here for deep tech CES 2013 observations and analysis after you listen to the short, sharp show above.

Congratulations, Todd, from Gina Smith, John C. Dvorak, Jerry Pournelle and the whole team at anewdomain.net. You rock.

ED DISCLOSURE: Todd Moore profits from the sales of his books, apps and other products we mention in this piece and that he mentions here in aNewDomain.net. Typically that would keep us from running something so blatantly promotional. But we’re danged proud. –aNewDomain.net edit team

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  • I actually grabbed the paid version last year. I LOVE this app. Really helps to relax and attempt to get some sleep.

    -RAP, II