Flu 2013 Infographic, Influenza Facts Gone Viral, Engineers Immune (parody video)

Here’s the Flu 2013 infographic. Tons of information you need to prevent, deal with or stave off influenza this year or next. My advice: Wash your hands a lot and try to avoid bare hand touching of doorknobs and other, ahem, moist metal surfaces. To get a shot or not get a shot? That’s a controversial question. But if you’ve got the flu and didn’t get the shot, are you sorry — or are you sticking to your no flu shot guns? Let me know. And find out what keys on a shared keyboard are most likely to be infected with the virus. Infographic credit Flu.Com

aNewDomain.net –– Here’s a handy Flu 2013 infographic . So where do you stand on flu shots? If you didn’t get the flu or have yet to get it during this particularly virulent season, are you changing your mind about that, holding fast and healthy, staying home and hiding — or are you staying home and playing Minecraft in nausea mode? That’s the way the virus is falling this season. Infographic credit:  Flu.Com

Best bet: Wash your hands – especially before touching doorknobs and, as research shows, the A, S, N, D or I keys on any shared computers. aNewDomain.net wishes you a healthy and safe flu season. Influenza is nasty. Take care. If you’re an engineer, be consoled. aNewDomain.net reader +Shah Auckburaully tells me engineers are immune to Swine Flu, at the very least (video). LOL