Doctor Who: 50 Years and Counting Timeline (infographic, video trailers)

Written by Tom Ewing

Nov. 23, 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the first Doctor Who episode. Check out this Doctor Who Timeline Infographic for Who-ish triviata, plus videos. The first episode was delayed slightly by the BBC’s coverage of the Nov. 22, 1963 assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, but there’s no stopping it now … — November 23, 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who,” that amazingly-geeky British BBC TV sci-fi series. The Doctor is a time lord from the planet Gallifrey, whose ever-changing incarnations and companions just get better, well … with time. Check out the Doctor Who timeline infographic, a trailer for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary show and other trivia collections below the fold, via our Tom Ewing.

Courtesy of, the graphic is full of Doctor Who timeline triviata. It is worthy of the Doctor, who isn’t actually a doctor, as all fans know. Check out Doctor Who actor information, episodes, companions and other Who-ish know-how. Doctor Who first appeared on British TV at 5:16 p.m. GMT on Nov. 23, 1963 but was delayed by a few minutes by extended coverage of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy.

As of this coming December, there will have been 12 Doctors in all. This includes the current 11th Doctor played by actor Matt Smith as well as the 12th Doctor announced by the BBC in August. Peter Capaldi will play this newest incarnation of the Doctor.

Capaldi is known for a number of great performances but may be best known for portraying foul-mouthed spin doctor Malcolm Tucker on the BBC political series The Thick of It.  The Doctor’s personality changes a bit with each incarnation, and many fans are eagerly awaiting the Doctor with a dash of Malcolm Tucker.

The Doctor still floats around in a blue police telephone box — that’s the TARDIS (time and relative dimensions in space), of course. And the box is still bigger on the inside than it looks on the outside. Everything is relative in the Doctor Who universe, where the laws of physics bend crazily.

You gotta love it. Scroll past the clickable Doctor Who Timeline infographic below for a trailer teasing the annual Doctor Who holiday extravaganza — and more as we update.

The Complete Timeline Of Doctor Who

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Here’s the BBC’s trailer for the Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special .. scroll below the video for a cool infographic describing the nature of time, as the doctor surely would appreciate it.

What is time, anyway? Check this out.

Time infographic

Time chart credit: Sof Andrade via Pinterest
Explore more infographics like this one on the Web’s largest information design community

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