Super Bowl Blackout, TWiT: Beer Diplomacy, Dick DeBartolo and a MAD Mag Perspective

Dick DeBartolo joins the Beer Diplomacy podcasts from KoPoint hosted by Stuart Tracte and Dan Patterson. The Super Bowl blackout, gun control and MAD Magazine stories from DeBartolo — Right after the Super Bowl game got heated, there was a power outage for 35 minutes. But what, me worry? This week on Beer Diplomacy with Dan Patterson, MAD Magazine’s Dick DeBartolo joins, as does Stuart Tracte, Myq Kaplan and the host of the show, our Dan Patterson.

Dan Patterson, Dick DeBartolo and the guys share thoughts on the Super Bowl 47 power outage, plus some perspective on recent gun control news. DeBartolo also reveals what MAD Magazine is up to at TWiT these days with Leo Laporte and friends.

Enjoy this week’s episode of Beer Diplomacy from Dan Patterson and KoPoint — syndicated here on Great show.

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