CES 2015: What’s the Casper Mattress Doing Here Again?

Written by Todd Townsend

What’s the Casper mattress doing at CES 2015? We didn’t buy that it had anything to do with its so-called “Macbook-like cover.” Here’s the story. Video.

aNewDomain — Casper debuted what it claims is its “outrageously comfortable” mattress last spring. And at CES 2015, it bewildered tech reporters at Showstoppers trying to figure out what the tech angle was. There wasn’t one, except maybe to say that Casper, in going direct-to-consumer with affordable goods and rapid shipping, is kind of doing an early 1990s Dell. Also, reps claim its cover is “Macbook-like,” but that’s a stretch. Whatever. We tried it. It truly is a damned comfortable mattress. Check out my interview, below.

Video: Todd Townsend/Justin Webb for aNewDomainTV and BreakingModern

For aNewDomain, I’m Todd Townsend.