CES 2015: Samsung Booth Tour

Written by Sandy Berger

Take a peek at Samsung’s booth at CES 2015 with coverage by Sandy Berger.

aNewDomain — I’m often asked what it’s really like to be at CES. It can be difficult to explain how challenging it is to walk a show floor with 150,000 other techies. Yet, despite the crush, there is always a lot to see. I wandered about the Samsung booth, one of the biggest and best display booths at CES 2015, and here’s what I saw.

Samsung Display Booth

The entrance to the booth is the largest wall of curved televisions that you have ever seen. There are 28 giant TV screens synchronized to flash and pulse, creating a wall of colorful constant motion that is visually appealing in every way huge displays can be.

tv wall Samsung CES 2015

As you enter the white-carpeted booth you see more and more televisions. This time they are on the floor, right at your viewing level. Wander around and see the fantastic 4K UHD displays on various sized screen. Both the 78” and 105” curved screens are amazingly thin, too.

78 curved Samsung CES 2015

city 105 Samsung CES 2015

Walk a little farther and you are wowed by the new Samsung SUHD TV. Notice that the innards of the television are in a mirrored cube under the screen.

Suhd tv Samsung CES 2015

You are not quite done with the TV area yet. There are also displays that show you what the web interface will look like on your Samsung TV.

web Samsung CES 2015

Now you enter the “Chef’s Collection” kitchen area where Samsung has invested a lot of research dollars this year.

chef collection Samsung CES 2015

Not everyone thinks of Samsung as a kitchen appliance manufacturer, but it’s all here. There’s a refrigerator with special doors as well as a washing machine with a built-in sink.

refrigerator Samsung CES 2015

washer Samsung CES 2015

Once you leave the kitchen you can try out the Virtual Reality area.

virtual reality samsung CES 2015

If you think you are close to finished with the booth tour, wait there’s more. You still have to check out the storage solutions, smartphones, curved monitors, tablets, speakers, cases and headphones.

phone Samsung CES 2015

curved monitors Samsung CES 2015

You are sure to come away amazed by the number of products that Samsung manufactures and the scope of what the company does. After all, that’s why Samsung put so much money into this CES booth. It wants to impress us. Mission accomplished. Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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All Images: Sandy Berger