CES 2015: Electric Zboard-2 Skateboard Is Faster, Lighter

Written by David McCabe

Gen two of the Zboard electric skateboard is faster and lighter. Here’s what all the excitement is about.

aNewDomain — ┬áThe electric Zboard skateboard was a legendary Kickstarter hit. And now, at CES 2015, company founders are setting out on yet another high-flying crowdfunding campaign, but on Indiegogo. Now it’s all about the faster, lighter Zboard 2. To be available in $999 and $1,199 renditions, I took a look at a preproduction model here at the show. Vroom. Check it out.

Video: David McCabe/Justin Webb for aNewDomain and BreakingModern

For aNewDomain, I’m David McCabe.