CES 2014: Samsung Smart Home, Google VP9 Kickstart Show

Written by Mike Olsen

CES 2014 starts Tuesday. But on Monday, Samsung, Google and other tech companies got a jump on things and announced new products early. Here’s what’s up.

Photo Credit: Alfred Poor

Photo credit: Alfred Poor

aNewDomain.net — The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2014) starts Tuesday, January 7, 2014 in Las Vegas — and as always some of the news is flowing out before the show officially begins.


Image credit: Samsung

Samsung announced it will unveil its new home automation service and platform, Samsung Smart Home, at the show.

According to Samsung execs, the service connects Smart TVs and home appliances to smartphones and manages them through a single integrated platform. The system lets users control home devices either via devices like smartphones and tablets or through voice commands. Samsung said it also will release a Smart Home software protocol, allowing other devices and appliances to integrate with the service.

Google plans to demonstrate 4K streaming at three partner booths: Sony, LG and Panasonic. Google is using the event to showcase VP9, the successor to its open source streaming codec VP8. Although VP8 didn’t see wide adoption, this time around Google has the support of a number of hardware partners, including Toshiba, Samsung and Intel.

What’s new from Intel? The Verge reports the company may use CES to announce a new initiative that would unite PC manufacturers with Windows and Android aspirations. Such dual system devices would run Android virtualized within Windows, allowing Android apps to run side by side with Windows applications on screen.

Auto manufacturers will be in full force at this year’s CES. Ford plans to use the event to showcase a new solar hybrid car, and it is expected that Volvo and Google will announce an Android feature in-dash entertainment system.

Two big themes expected this year are 4K televisions and wearable devices. Another expected theme is a continued push towards the Internet of Things, as more of the daily things we interact with, such as appliances and transportation, become increasingly connected.

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