CES 2014: Chevy Launches 4G LTE Connected Cars for 2015

Written by Sandy Berger

At CES 2014, Chevy execs announced 4G LTE will be in some Chevy models by 2015. Sandy Berger with more …

aNewDomain.net — At CES 2014, Chevrolet execs announced they’ll have the first GM brand to offer OnStar 4G LTE in 2015 models. This will allow for an always-connected car that acts as a speedy mobile hot spot, they said. Scroll below to see my colleague, Kerry Kinsey, up close and personal with the Corvette Stingray 2014.

The 2015 models of the Chevy Impala, Corvette, Malibu and Volt will be equipped with this technology, they said, adding that 4G LTE will be available on other models on a slightly later timetable.


Riders will be able to take advantage of both audio and video content. Chevrolet will have an app store that will feature such apps as iHeart Radio. Although Chevrolet promises these apps will be vigorously tested for automobile use, this is sure to start a conversation about how an Internet-connected car affects safety.

Chevrolet is partnering with AT&T for the 4G LTE connectivity. Although pricing hasn’t been announced, AT&T says that current subscribers will be able to add their car to their shared data plan. Those who are not current AT&T subscribers will be able to have stand-alone subscriptions for their cars.

With adults in the front seat streaming audio — and kids in the back seat playing games and watching videos — data use will be high. And because AT&T will be the exclusive provider, there will be no choice of carrier. So the cost of data for these connected automobiles is bound to be a major concern.


Unfortunately, there will be no retrofit. So if you have an older Chevy, even a 2014 model, you won’t get the 4G connectivity.

Here’s our Kerry Kinsey getting up close and personal with the Chevy Corvette Stingray 2015 at CES 2014.

Video: Kerry Kinsey for aNewDomainTV/producer Justin Webb

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