CES 2013 Tuesday Verizon, Panasonic Keynote Livefeeds, ZTE, CNET, Snooki Feeds Here, Details

CES 2013 Tuesday Verizon, Panasonic Keynote Livestreams Here, Feeds from ZTE, CNET, Even Snooky. Yes, I said Snooky. Find all livestreams for CES 2013 here.

aNewDomain.net —  At CES 2013 Tuesday Verizon and Panasonic are headlining the two leading keynotes of day one of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which officially begins today, January 8, 2013. Watch the livestream of the early 8:30 a.m. Pacific keynote from Panasonic — its global president capped off Monday’s HD TV and homeshopping service announcements with news of a 20-inch Ultra HD Windows 8 tablet — via Ustream below.

Scroll below the fold to see how to view the Verizon keynote, expected to have a few surprises, plus view feeds from ZTE, CNET’s Brian Cooley and Molly Woods’ supersession and, yes, Snooki. And if you have to ask who Snooki is, please save yourself and don’t click on the link. Ignorance is better than reality TV, no?

Back to business, the live Panasonic keynote opening the show is viewable below. Later in the afternoon is the CES 2013 Tuesday Verizon keynote — find the link for that below the fold. Scroll down. For news you missed on Sony’s Monday announcements — including the 86 Bob Dylan rare track collection it put up for sale via bobdylan.com only for customers logging in from France and the UK click here.

Live streaming by Ustream

With huge announcements from Sony, Samsung and Intel yesterday, Monday will be a hard act to follow on Tuesday, the official first day of the show. Panasonic on Monday already pre-announced a plethora of HD TVs — 32 in all — and a ton of other associated products, such as new Panasonic headphones, home shopping services and other products pre-show on Monday.

Here’s what Panasonic announced in total before its president gave the opening keynote on Tuesday and announced Panasonic’s new Windows 8 tablet and 56-inch OLED TV–  courtesy Ustream and Panasonic USA.

Update: As predicted, Panasonic had a surprise up its sleeve. Panasonic president Kazuhiro Tsuga gave the opening keynote at CES 2012. He announced a 20-inch ultra HD 4K tablet running Microsoft Windows 8, a tablet Tsuga unveiled at his Tuesday, January 8, 2013 opening address. It’s a tablet for pros in business, he said. He also announced a 56-inch Ultra HD 4K OLED TV. Both products — tablet and TV — are showing now in Panasonic’s booth. A good piece that delves deeper into the tablet tech Panasonic announced is here at whathifi.com.

An excerpt from whatifi that gives you a quick glimpse at the specs of the tablet:

… a 20in LCD display with an Ultra HD 4K resolution of 3840×2560 and 230 pixels per inch. Despite the large 20in screen, tablet weighs 2.4kg and measures just 10.8mm (0.4 inches) thick… There’s an HD 720p camera on board as well, and the tablet comes equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, USB and SD memory card slots, and has a capacity of 4GB.

As IBTimesCo.Uk accurately notes, this table-top tablet “is not the first large tablet device to be revealed at CES 2013. Lenovo debuted is 27-inch IdeaCentre Horizon tablet on 7 January, a large, table-top PC that mixes mobile gaming with physical controls like joysticks to create an experience that Lenovo calls “phygital.”

Here’s a video from Panasonic that caps off its many CES 2013 announcements from Monday and Tuesday. We’ll review the tablet for you as soon as we get our hands on it.

Video: Panasonic USA News Portal YouTube Channel

Also Tuesday, January 8 at CES, ZTE is showing off its Grand S smartphone at its keynote. The announcement is covered live by CNET here. We expect a lot more from Verizon at this announcement, due to a huge amount of source whispering we can’t verify well enough to ethically publish.

Speaking of CNET — disclosure — I’m an alum and co-founder of that one-time tiny startup with aNewDomain.net’s co-founder, John C. Dvorak, by the way — there’s a CNET Live Stream worth catching on Tuesday.

It’s CNET’s Next Big Thing, a so-called super session hosted by my old colleague Brian Cooley and Molly Wood. The topic: The Post Mobile revolution. That should be … interesting. What’s after mobile? Nano? Let’s see. The CNET Next Big Thing super session is scheduled for 3 p.m. PT, also find it here.

Finally, the next big live stream to catch on Tuesday, January 7, 2013 at CES is Verizon chairman Lowell McAdam’s keynote. It’ll be live at 4:30 PT here. More details to come.

There are a lot of other livestreams and events scheduled for Tuesday, officially day one of CES 2013. Ustream took the trouble of rounding them all up at this site. Take a look.

For your convenience, here’s a roundup of the guides from various channels.

From the Ustream CNET channel guide:

From The Wall Street Journal Live channel, also via Ustream, the lineup is briefer … so far.

Finally, due to so much reader and anewdomain.net community interest, we’re pasting the Samsung schedule of livefeeds below. Wednesday, January 9, is the keynote of

Developing. Check out Monday’s Sony news involving Bob Dylan — the highlight of its many announcements in this music lover’s opinion — and the collected live feeds from yesterday, Monday June 7, 2013 here at aNewDomain.net. That was press day, the day preceding CES 2013 which launches today, January 8, 2013.

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