Babson Online Learning Survey: MOOCs By the Numbers

Written by Larry Press — Check out theĀ results of Babson’s 2012 survey reviewing eight years of online education, MOOCs and all. Scroll below to check out some great charts and graphics from survey sponsor Pearson. They show how online learning is profoundly changing education. Some highlights:

  • Upwards of 32 percent of higher ed students take at least one course online.
  • Just 2.6 percent of higher ed institutions offer a Massive Open Online Learning (MOOC), but 9.4 percent report they are planning to offer MOOCs
  • About 77 percent of academic leaders rate online learning outcomes as the same or superior to traditional teaching methods.
  • The percentage of chief academic leaders surveyed who say online learning is critical to long-term strategy hit a new high — 69.1 percent.
  • More than 6.7 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall 2011 term, an increase of 570,000 students over the previous year.

Changing Course Survey (1) by Gina Smith