On Jan 10, 1964, The Beatles Released Their First US Record. Here’s What Happened Next

Written by Tom Ewing

Fifty-three years ago today, a now-forgotten record called “Introducing the Beatles” hit US shores. Happy Beatles anniversary. To celebrate, watch this archival footage to see how the Fab Four followed that up and made history …

aNewDomain.net — On Jan. 10, 1964, the Beatles released their first-ever US record, Introducing … the Beatles.

Released 10 days before the official release of Meet the Beatles!, this semi-illegal release came out of Vee-Jay Records on Jan. 10, 1964. The history of this largely forgotten first US album is fascinating. Check it out here. 

Both US albums set the nation on fire with what will forever be known only as Beatlemania.

That means more anniversaries are in store. February 7, 2017 will mark 53 years to the day since the mob-headed musical arrived on US shores for a tour that immediately went down in music history.

Scroll below to watch the four young Brits from Liverpool create unbelievable teenaged mayhem and a whirlwind of wild hairdos at New York’s Kennedy Airport that day.

More than 3,000 screaming teenagers ditched school for the New York arrival. They loved the first two Beatles records just that much.

And you know, it wasn’t long before the Beatles invaded popular culture in the United States and, eventually, the world.

Here’s footage of the Beatles’ arrival in NYC, and below that their February 9 Beatles’ appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show, where the Fab Four of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, the late John Lennon and George Harrison blew the collective American mind with five songs, including “I Want to Hold Your Hand.” Enjoy …

Video credit: Kathy Cermak YouTube channel

Here’s video of the Beatles’ press conference on February 7, still at JFK airport in New York City.

Video credit: Oscor6 YouTube channel

Notes Newspapers.com:

“The Beatles invasion drove teenage girls crazy and made front-page news around the country days before most Americans even knew who they were. The band’s first two hits, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” and “She Loves You” were released in the States only weeks before the Beatles arrived, yet their popularity was enough to catapult the group into the hearts of American teens.”

On Feb 26, 1964, the Beatles were at the now-historic Abbey Road Studios recording tracks for the group’s upcoming movie, A Hard Day’s Night.

Video credit: Kathy Cermak YouTube channel

Even the Gen. Z kids coming up behind the millennials today know the Beatles. That’s a big deal.

Want proof? Here’s ten-year-old Eric Schaefer singing the Lennon-McCartney hit “Blackbird” in a school talent show in the United States two days ago. Listen to the applause at the end. Kids still get the Beatles, even if they might not know a Ringo from a … fandingo.

Video credit: Tom Ewing

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