How to Have a Fun Girls’ Night in St. Louis

Written by Brian Wallace

Staying in or going out, a girls’ night is a lot of fun if the mood is right and the vibe is good. This is especially true when you have a great spot like St. Louis to play with. The key is in the planning, and making sure everyone is up for the night ahead. If you want to have the most fun possible, think about the things listed below. They are all designed to create a stress-free, entertainment filled evening with your closest friends. 

Make a Group Chat

The best place to discuss ideas and make arrangements is in a group chat. Use WhatsApp or something similar and add everyone in so they are up to date and in the loop. Everyone will be able to share ideas and it is a brilliant space for sending pictures after the night is over and done with. 

Pick a Theme

A theme can be anything from something major like ‘90s girl bands to a smaller idea such as wearing sparkly outfits. Themes are a creative way to make everyone feel included, and let the whole world know that you are out as a group and enjoying your own space. Plus, it will make for some fantastic pictures that you will cherish forever. 

Try Something Completely Different

Everyone in the group will bring their own strengths and skills to the table, and it can be highly entertaining to be led by someone else’s expertise. For example, you may have a friend among you who is an excellent cook, and they can bring the joy of organizing a cooking class for everyone to take part in. Other ideas include looking for a craft workshop, attempting a new sport, or each person picking a new venue to explore as you move through the evening. 

Venue Hopping

Speaking of venue hopping, this area has a lot to uncover. There are loads of amazing spaces to try out in St. Louis, like the local creamery offering alcohol-infused ice cream flavors. So, you will be spoiled for choice and each group member will have the chance to show their friends something they enjoy on a personal level too. This will be the perfect opportunity to really enhance the bonds within the friendship ensemble. How so? Simply because it’s not always possible to show the people you love all the things that you love, but Girls’ Night makes anything possible. 

Make It About Self-Care

We all want to look after our friends, but we don’t always remember to look after ourselves in the middle of a busy life. That’s why a self-care evening is the perfect idea for girls’ night too. Get out the face masks and pampering stations and make each other feel like true queens with salon treatments and a brilliant healthy meal. 

Having a fun girls’ night is easy to do if you are feeling motivated to plan and prepare. Whether you go out or stay in, the opportunities are endless and there is always something new to try and different ways to have as a group.