AstroGrep for Windows 8 Search Tool: Freeware Friday

If you miss granular search in Windows 8 — or you just long for the return of the search button on the Start menu — check out AstroGrep. It’s our Dino Londis’ pick this week for Freeware Friday. — My freeware pic this week is AstroGrep for Windows. It’s a great search tool. It works with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, but it especially is great for Windows 8 users who miss the Start menu’s Search button.


In Windows 8, you search by typing in any location onscreen. This lets you search settings, files and apps — it’s fast and works fine — but forget it for granular searching.

Say you want to search based only on a document name or just to your Windows PowerPoint documents. Now that Microsoft has taken out such granular search options, a choice that does speed overall search, a utility like Astrogrep is key. It’ll even search my microSD card, or E drive where I keep my documents in case of system failure.


Astrogrep for Windows — particularly in its Windows 8 version — is my choice for this week’s Freeware Friday. Have a great weekend.

For, I’m Dino Londis.