CES 2013 Top Trends: 4K Ultra HDTV, Table-Top Tablets, Gadget Roundup

Written by Sandy Berger

Our reviews editor Sandy Berger wraps up the top CES 2013 tech — and she lists the trends she predicts we’re in for in 2013. Ultra HDTV at 4K res, tabletop tablets, flex screens …

aNewDomain.net — I was among thousands of media who trekked to Las Vegas this week for CES 2013. With more than 20,000 new products debuting, it was a ton to digest. So I am boiling down the top products and trends I see for 2013 and beyond based on what jumped out at me this week.

Last year it was tablets. This year, TV was the big story at CES. And by TV, I mean 4K TV technology — aka Ultra HDTV. I’ve seen 4K and even 8K TV at previous CES events, but the big news this year is the backing that Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and others are giving to this technology. It will take a big push like this to get these TVs into the mainstream — and the content that supports them. For now, that includes just a few movies.

At more than four times the resolution of today’s HDTVs, the Ultra HDTVs look fantastic. But for now they are priced way beyond the reach of the average buyer and they will remain so for awhile. It’s still great tech to drool over, though.

Here are a few of the other highlights that show trends in the year to come:

  •  Lenovo IdeaCentre Horizon: It’s a 27-inch Windows 8 tablet that functions like a coffee table and digital game center. You can even play ice hockey on it. Panasonic also showed a huge tabletop tablet with Windows 8.
  • 3DTV without glasses as demonstrated by StreamTV’s Ultra D television
  • MakerBot Replicator 2X 3D desktop printer
  • LG Curved OLED screen
  •  Sennheiser Momemtum headphones – minimalist design, excellent construction, great audio
  • e-Ink extremely thin flexible watch – prototype

Here are a few things I found somewhat ridiculous:

  • The HAPIfork — reps told me it will monitor how fast you put the food in your mouth and make you slow down and chew your food. Just like your mother said.
  • Refrigerators and ovens with LCD screens and Internet connectivity. Do you really need Evernote on the refrigerator? Ponder that.

CES is always about trends to watch. After a week at the show, here’s what I predict we’re to expect in 2013 and beyond.

  1. 3-D printing
  2. Eye-tracking
  3. In-air gesturing
  4. Thin, flexible displays
  5. Internet connected appliances
  6. Better and easier battery charging
  7. Touch screens and touch devices like pens and pads
  8. Digital health apps and wearable gadgets