Apple Begins Selling $229 16GB iPod Touch, Gen 5 Unit Ships June 1

Apple’s $229 iPod Touch, fifth generation, will ship in 24 hours. It’s a 16GB version, rendering useless the 16GB fourth gen models. No rear-facing camera .. — Check out the Apple store and you’ll now find a 16GB iPod touch. It’s a fifth generation, retina display equipped unit — priced at $229 and available, says Apple, in 24 hours.

What’s the catch? Apple says the model won’t have the rear-facing camera on board or that little lanyard loop. And it will be only available in one design: black and silver.

Nevetheless, it’s interesting news. Apple will likely now discontinue its 16GB and 32GB versions of its fourth generation iPod touch now that there’s a 16GB version for its fifth generation, which all include a front-facing HD camera and a 6.1 mm case.

How much does this have to do with Apple’s move away from Foxconn? We’ll see. The industry is awash in rumors of a near term announcement of a low-cost Apple iPhone, but this model comes awfully close to what our staff here was envisioning. And there are certainly VoIP apps that make it phone-enough. Thoughts?

We’re awaiting comment from Apple and look forward to reviewing the device here at

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  • I’m curious whether the lack of a rear camera will actually affect the sales of this iPod. I have a feeling that most folks will still go for one of the versions with the rear camera or just buy something cheaper like the Nano. I could be wrong, but this might end up as a failed experiment.