New York Is One of These Ten States: How Brits ID US States (humor)

Written by Tom Ewing

In a hilarious roundup by BuzzFeed, Brits try to label U.S. states on a map. One labels the whole of the midwest as No Idea. And then there’s Las Vegas, USA. — Brits apparently aren’t much better at identifying U.S. states than Americans are at labeling UK maps. BuzzFeed recently did a roundup of how Brits ID U.S. states on a map. My favorite is how they identify the great state of Las Vegas, where tens of thousands of geeks will gather come CES 2014. CES as you probably know is the huge Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Heck, maybe the Brits know more than we do. Here’s how Brits ID U.S. states …

All following image credits: BuzzFeed

Below, one of our esteemed British friends almost identifies New York.


And below, what’s that giant state across the Bering Strait from Russia?


In the map below, look for Colorado — also known variously to surveyed Brits as Squaresies, Utah, Potatoes, Nebraska, Ohio, Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma. For some reason Colorado seemed to be particularly difficult to identify for the Queen’s subjects. Colorado is, after all, just another square among squares.



But check out below this British reckoning of which state is which. I dare say we might just have to put this chap up again-st some Americans in a contest of who’s who in map labeling.


These maps — and many more — were reported by BuzzFeed in an article titled It’s Thanksgiving So We Asked Brits To Label The United States — We’re So Sorry, America. Check that out to find more.

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