Around the World: Top 40 Tourist Scams [infographic]

Written by Gina Smith

Here’s the top 40 tourist scams around the world. We know you’re too smart to fall for them, but it never hurts to be up on scammer state of the art.

aNewDomain — We know you’re too smart to fall for them, but maybe one of the top 40 tourist scams listed below has popped up in your orbit. Circulate this among folks you care about and help eradicate tourist scams, that bitter scourge of summer.

Here are details on the top 40 tourist scams and where in the world you are most likely to encounter them. Remember, don’t take any wooden nickels — or fake hotel room takeout menus.

40 Tourist Scams to Avoid This Summer

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  • Excellent, if unnerving, list!

    I saw several of these while traveling in Europe recently — the ‘slow pay’ in Italy, the ‘dropped diamond’ pickpocket stall in Paris, and the gypsy kid beggers. Luckily, the Rick Steves people warned us about these beforehand….

    Mac McCarthy

    • I know what you mean, Mac. We saw them outside the crowded bazaar in Istanbul last September. We were too savvy for them, however.