Summer Slump: Why Nothing Gets Done in the Summer [infographic]

Ever wonder why nothing gets done in the summer? Welcome to your Summer Slump. The summer slump infographic pretty much explains it all. Might as well enjoy your lack of progress and ambition as summer grinds to a halt …

aNewDomain — It’s pretty much the end of summer. Do you find it’s almost impossible to get anything done? As summer grinds to a halt, we’re all faced, it seems, by the so-called summer slump.

It’s a real phenomenon, according to 25 percent of office workers who report a steep decline in productivity during the summer months. Is it the lack of a long vacation? Boredom? High temperatures? All of the above. Check out the stats as presented by the following infographic from, below.


For aNewDomain, I’m Gina Smith.

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