Ebola Infographic: What You Need To Know Now

Written by Gina Smith

The folks at solar light company Waka Waka aren’t just gifting social lights to the needy in Liberia. They’ve published an outstanding Ebola infographic …

aNewDomain — The folks at solar lighting firm Waka Waka created the below Ebola infographic to enhance public awareness about the deadly Ebola virus and reduce panic around it. The Ebola outbreak that is currently crippling Western Africa and causing major fears in Dallas is the virus’ deadliest outbreak ever. Ebola this year has already claimed more than 3,000 lives and international health researchers are predicting 1.2 million deaths in the next six months.

With no cure — and no vaccine — information about how Ebola does and does not spread is key. Pass along the Ebola infographic below to others online and check out Waka Waka’s movement to provide its solar lights (Waka Wakas) to those Liberians who need them most. Portable solar lights like Waka-Waka’s — they’re rated as the most efficient solar portable lights in the world — make a difference in the Ebola fight, observers say. Find out why here.


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