Yet Another Tech Show 01: Conscious and Sentient

It’s Yet Another Tech Show YATs Episode 1: Conscious and Sentient with Mat Lee, Larry Press, Ant Pruitt and Mike Rothman, top tech voices from our and a how to blog called

Yet Another Tech Show

It’s Yet Another Tech Show. It’s a collaborative effort of the top tech voices online — staffers and editors from and a How To site called, run by former teamBYTE editor Steve Krause. The YATs team includes:

Producer Mat Lee, Larry Press, Mike Rothman and Ant Pruitt. Check out the YATS RSS and iTunes feeds and follow us on Google Plus, Twitter, and Facebook.

Yet Another Tech Show

Episode 01 show notes are at here, an independent Mat Lee site. Thanks for listening. Would love to hear feedback and what you think we should be covering — or if you think you should be on the show if you’re a reader on Google +