Upgrading Your Mac in Six Easy Steps (cartoon)

Mac iPod Cartoon Full Resolution by Jason Pierson

My friend and colleague, Jason Pierson, was so frustrated at his iPod issues that he had to draw a cartoon about it.

My friend and colleague, Jason Pierson, was recently so frustrated with his local Apple genius IT repair guy that he had to draw a cartoon about the process of upgrading your Mac.

Cartoon credit: Jason Pierson

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  • My android phone (Samsung Nexus S, ‘cuz I’m hard like that) just got an over-the-air update to the latest and greatest version free. Now everything’s super smooth and fast, and I get faster voice search results than siri, predictive assistance for things I might need (like a route that bypasses all the major traffic when I’m about to leave work), and a hugely updated UI experience. Free.

    Suck it, iZombies.

    • As satisfied and superior as I’m sure that made you feel, iOS devices also have OTA updates and activations. These are also free and the average iOS device gets more updates than its Android counterparts. They don’t require iTunes, but for managing your device, iTunes provides a better experience than anything I’ve tried from the Android camp.

      But no, by all means, return to validating your self-worth based on a consumer product that someone else made and you bought, while referring to those with differing preferences as “zombies.”

  • @NerfJihad oh hey, my iPhone does that already. Way to show up to the party late.

      • Not long ago actually and it was pretty damn easy.

        Course if your not technical …… like you can’t plug a cable in you might have trouble

          • You are so far from being right :). 90% of my friends programming in python, ruby and c++ (including 2 friends in google) use macbooks or thinkpads with linux :).

          • Right… enjoy Windows and its Swiss cheese layer of security holes, including the ones M$ intentionally put there for the NSA. Macs are UNIX-based, so quite a few “technically minded” people use them.

            Also, they are the only machines that run Windows, OSX, and Linux without needed hacks and last longer than the average Windows box.

  • New step one, user does about 45 seconds of research before pressing “pay” button, saves himself much grief and consternation.

  • i am tired and sick of all the put-downs of apple things. if you are mesmerized and hypnotized by samsung and android stuff, enjoy them. go get a life!

    • As long as there are people who will blindly buy apple because it’s so expensive,it must be the best and the apple hype marketing machine tells them it’s”amazing*, there will be people who take the piss out of them. Most have never tried the alternatives.

  • 1) User could use a Linux box with gazillions of options.
    2) or user uses his existing Mac with bootcamp, install Windows and run iTunes.
    3) or user could jailbreak his iPod and use existing mac.
    4) or user could get a brand of MP3 player that doesn’t require $1200 for new Mac.
    5) or user could use brain.

    • “work for” android? anyone can program and submit code to the android project does that mean they are “working for it”?. are you referring to google? maybe Samsung? LG?

      Obviously some people overlooks the project but they don’t have people on their payroll in marketing making funny attack ads in a form of a web blog… get apples **** out of your mouth or other orifice.

      It’s obviously poking fun of apples evil/ingenius business model and its funny because its true

    • errr, why android? “work for android”? Do you “work for iOS”?

      Hey maybe there’s something wrong with your precious iOS device that you couldn’t read the damn thing! Let me put it here so you can read it, okay? (well if your device lets you)

      “My friend and colleague, Jason Pierson, was so frustrated with his local Apple genius recently that he had to draw a cartoon about the situation.”

      And… he didn’t even mention Android or something.

  • I always find it funny when people compare pc’s to macs when it comes to upgradability. Only a handful of macs were made to be upgradable mostly aimed at the pro market. Apple never made macs with the thought they should be upgradable. It’s not the macs concept. When was the last time you went to your electronics store to upgrade your TV or radio? I’ve used windows PC’s for about as many years as I have used macs, and when I look back at it, I have spend more money on upgrades and software when I was living in a PC world. Yes, a mac is expensive but the majority of them run for many years without any problems and come with all the software you need for general use by default. Software of a quality I’ve never seen delivered by default on a PC.

  • Should of read the System requirements needed to sync the new iPod before buying it… Customers fault…

  • This cartoon is nonsense. I have a now-ancient 2008 iMac with a measly Core 2 Duo processor that runs Mavericks and the latest iTunes, Logic Pro, etc like butter. It’s has been and continues to be a perfectly stable and fast computer running 24/7 since I bought it.

    So if my 5-year-old Mac is running great, exactly which Mac are we talking about here? 8-years-old? 10? Why would you expect a 10-year-old computer to run current software well? Does your decade old Dell Inspiron that came with Windows XP still work fast and flawless and run Windows 8 great?