Israel Unintentionally Stops Bombing Palestinians

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Written by Tony DiGerolamo

There was an Israeli ceasefire in Palestine, but it was entirely unintentional. Or so it is claimed. Though Israeli officials they did, indeed, bomb something. What is up with this? SkewedNews.

aNewDomain Jerusalem  The UN has released a report on the state of Israel claiming that on Thursday, June 18th, the Israeli government stopped oppressing Palestinians for 24 hours. The cessation of violence was unintentional. In fact, Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was quick to respond to the report, calling it “flawed” and “untrue.” The report reeks of “rampant anti-Semitism,” he said.

But Palestinians along the Gaza Strip tell a different story. Majid Hadawi, who sells spices in the open air market, said:

Normally, when I go out to open the shop, I fear for my life. But on that day, there was no fear. Normally, I hear at least one story about Israeli soldiers harassing a woman or beating a small boy with their rifles, but not on that day.”

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) deny failing to indiscriminately target civilians in the occupied territories, but no bullets or bombs were reported striking anywhere on the Gaza Strip or the West Bank.

“It was the first time I thought about taking a day off in years,” said Dr. Laruke Haseem, a trauma doctor in Rafidya Hospital in the West Bank. “We have a special ward just for handling bullet wounds, but nothing came in that day. It was strange. I thought I was dreaming.”

The Support for Anything for Israel Act (SAIC)

Members of the U.S. Congress were also quick to condemn the U.N. report. “Israel has the right to defend itself,” insisted Senator Lindsay Graham. “To suggest that the Israeli Army shirked its duty on any day is an attack on Israel itself! The report is flawed, untrue and reeks of anti-Semitism!” This pretty much being parroted by Bibi, as mentioned above.

Benjamin Netanyahu israeli ceasefireGraham and Senator Chuck Schumer have jointly submitted the bipartisan bill “Support for Anything for Israel Act” for a vote. If signed into law, the bill would increase aid for Israel every time someone thinks “bad thoughts” about the Jewish State. Although what constitutes bad thoughts and how this would be enforced is unclear, the bill is expected to pass both houses by a wide margin.

Netanyahu said in a speech, early Friday,

Israel has never stopped wanting peace. But to accuse us of not oppressing the Palestinian people is an even worse threat to us than accusing us of oppression! We will not stand idly by while Palestinians go unshot, their homes go unbulldozed and their people go unbombed. Even for a day. We will respond because we have to!”

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Body image: Benjamin Netanyahu via Wikimedia Commons

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