Who’s Cutting Ties With Donald Trump Now [animated infographic]

Written by Kyle McCarthy

Donald Trump couldn’t be there to watch Miss Oklahoma win the Miss USA crown this week. Here’s the fallout he’s dealing with re his immigration comments … check out the data visualization infographic, below.

aNewDomain — Miss Oklahoma, Olivia Jordan of Tulsa, won the crown for this year’s Miss America pageant.

Olivia Jordan Miss Oklahoma Tulsa Miss Usa 2015But one person was noticeably absent.

The contest aired on the Reelz Network and streamed online after NBC, Univision and others refused to carry it, following Donald Trump’s racist remarks involving Mexican immigrants in June, when he announced his bid for the presidency. In his speech, Trump referred to Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and linking them to drugs and crime.

Trump is a co-owner of the Miss USA and Miss Universe contests, and his comments caused numerous contest judges, co-hosts, and performers to drop out of last night’s event. Instead of attending last night’s event, Trump instead held a presidential campaign event in Arizona, where he continued his controversial emphasis on immigration.

So far, a number of companies have cut ties with Trump, including NBC Universal, Macy’s, Serta, ESPN,  NASCAR, and many others. Recently, Mexico, Costa Rica and Panama announced that they will not be sending a representative to this year’s Miss Universe contest because Trump made comments about Mexican immigrants that they consider to be racist.

For a look at a complete list of those cutting ties with Trump, check out the visualization below. Use the inline filter to show a complete list of celebrities, companies, and countries cutting ties with Donald Trump.


Image one: Miss Oklahoma — Olivia Jordan of Tulsa, OK — is crowned Miss USA 2015: ABCNews.go.com, All Rights Reserved.