Trey Ratcliff Photo of the Day: Bilbo’s Home on Hobbiton Set

Here’s the Trey Ratcliff photo of the day. Our Trey Ratcliff’s gorgeous pic is of Bilbo’s hobbit hole on the Hobbiton movie set on the North Island of New Zealand. — Our globe-trotting  international travel photographer Trey Ratcliff posted the following gorgeous photo while on the set of the Hobbiton movie on the North Island of New Zealand. This is Bilbo’s home at Bag End. Beautiful. Scroll below the fold to see this Trey Ratcliff photo of the day and Trey’s comments on the shot he took.

Trey Ratcliff Photo of the Day credit: Trey Ratcliff, StuckInCustoms

It was a chilly evening on North Island of New Zealand. While I was on set for the upcoming Hobbiton movie, I took the above photo of Bilbo’s home. The day was falling away — and the warm lights turned on. I was transfixed. I’d spent the entire day there, starting at 5 a.m., running late into the night and beyond. We experienced a few little rainstorms all that day, and they dropped fresh, glowing rain all over the 40-plus Hobbit hole homes the production team built there. I spent some time inside Bilbo’s hole at Bag End during those times. I watched the rain fall across Hobbiton from Bilbo’s.

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