Travel Guide: Now Is a Great Time to Discover Toronto

Written by aNewDomain Staff

Canada is happening right now. And Toronto, in particular, is rocking. Here’s why you want to visit this cool, diverse city now …

Canada is happening right now, and that makes it a great travel destination well worth considering.

Hockey season, for one thing, is now in full swing, with fans of such teams as the Maple Leafs, Flames, and Jets are hoping for a long playoff run and even a chance at the Stanley Cup. That’s a big deal: No Canadian team has won the NHL’s top prize since 1993.

And all over the country, too, Canadians are busy celebrating their many victories at the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Even putting aside sports, Canada is a vibrant, lively nation with a lot going for it. And if you want to explore it, a great place to start is its biggest city, Toronto.

Hogtown, YYZ and The Six

Big cities usually have a nickname or two, and Toronto has several. One of Toronto’s most famous monikers is Hogtown. That may sound confusing to outsiders who aren’t sure how a major urban center came to be associated with pigs.  But while the city boasts three million inhabitants these days,  but a century ago, when it was smaller, Toronto was widely known for processing meat, especially pork. But the nickname stuck.

Another nickname you might hear for Toronto is T.O., for obvious reasons. A less obvious nickname for the city is YYZ, which is the  airport code for Toronto Pearson International Airport.

Also, thanks to the Toronto-born rapper, Drake, it’s also sometimes called “The Six.”

Activities and events

Toronto is an incredibly diverse city, and that makes it a wonderful destination for world travelers looking for a taste of something new and exciting.

In fact, in 2016, a BBC study concluded that Toronto is the world’s “most multicultural metropolis,” with 51 percent of population born in a place other than Canada.

You may have heard that Canadians have a welcoming, open attitude, and that’s especially true in Toronto.

Not surprisingly, as the result of all this, The Six is also one of the top cities for tourists in the country. More than three million visitors come from the United States alone.

If you’re thinking of making a trip, check out some Toronto news before you go.

There might be an event or festival that you really want to make sure you have time to visit. Aside from that, it’s always a good idea to give yourself a crash course in current events before crossing the border and visiting a new place.

Toronto has a rich history — and an incredibly bright future. And don’t worry if you speak no French. Many people don’t realize that English is the dominant language in both the city and the surrounding province of Ontario.

If you head east to Montreal, you’ll hear a lot of French, but you’ll still be just fine using English, alone. That’s why, if you’re an American looking for a solid introduction to Canadian life, Toronto is one of the best places to start.

See you soon!

Cover image of the Toronto skyline at night: PulseFront via Wikimedia Commons.