Short MOOCs: A New Trend for MOOCs?

Written by Larry Press

MOOCs (massive open online courses) once emulated university classes. The reality? Most people who take MOOCs are not interested in getting university credit. Larry Press reports on a MOOC trend. — When Worlds Collide is a University of Leeds MOOC on environmental policy. Even if you are not interested in the topic, check this out:

The first applications of new media — books, movies, television, radio, textbooks — often mimic previous media. Early MOOCs emulated university classes.

But, most people who take MOOCs are not interested in emulating a university class or getting university credit.

Interesting new formats are created every day. For example, in streaming media Netflix deviated from the standard TV format with its 13-hour drama House of Cards while the University of Leeds has departed from the university-course format in this 8-hour short course.

What other forms will the MOOC take?

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